Everything is justified”

L.T. Agustiño

I will blow up an entire allied military facility, I will shoot 200 Morat prisoners, I will supply the enemy, or I will confess my war crimes, anything to get a spot in the Interplanetario

To die for!”

Toni Macayana

I attended the last edition and I be amazed. Speed painting, cosplay contest, painting courses with the handsome Angel Giraldez, 100 people playing, funny videos, an interesting exhibition, buff everything. As I can not attend this edition … I’m dying! … oh wait …

Once you see it, you’re recorded forever”

Peláez “The Tattoist”.

A quiet day came in my local three guys, the typical crazy tourist  and tattooed something strange during their vacations. They asked me to tattoo them a little octopus with the word Interplanetario. At the end, the curiosity made me approach to the Interplanetario, I was so surprised that I tattooed Pulpi all over the face. My wife has left me.